Educational Web Based ERP Software

1. General:

  • Entirely web-based.
  • Runs on web-server that can accommodate MS SQL. Can use an ISP instead of having/maintaining own server.
  • Minimal use of JavaScript for maximum compatibility with all web-browsers and web enabled devices. Some small amounts used to improve error-trapping and user interactivity.
  • Produces reports to Portable Document Format – PDF, MS Excel, MS Word for accurate positioning of text.
  • All reports and scripts easily modified.
  • All processing on the server and no installation required on client machines.
  • Multi-theme - each user can see the interface in their preferred graphical theme.
  • Call log can be maintained for students, staff and parents.

2. Security:

  • Users can be defined with access to only certain options using a role based model.
  • Options applicable to certain roles can be graphically configured and users defined as fulfilling a given role.
  • Users can be defined to see only certain modules on the main menu - so menu options that they will not have access to be not even displayed on screen.
  • HTTP security can be configured over the top of the inbuilt security to provide two levels of security - the first to access the web-server at all and the second to actually get into web- Based Educational ERP.
  • An audit trail of which users did what is retained and is automatically maintained based on how long the information is required to be kept.
  • All inputs are sanitized to prevent SQL injections and cross site scripting.
  • Back-up to the database saved will be provided in an encrypted format. So that, if any loss in data / server crash, the back-up data can be restored.