Software Application

Panomtech Hotel Management System is a customize software which is useful for all kinds of hotels, Motels and Guest Houses. The software integrates all departments of Hotels and help to run the business in a systematic and organized way. Panomtech Hotel Management Software is very user friendly and covers all areas of hotel business:

Hospitals have a large number of departments and to integrate all works of different departments manually is difficult and time consuming. Panomtech Web Based Hospital Management System,PHC(Primary Healthcare Centre) is developed by doing research on the requirements and it covers every departments of hospital.

Panomtech School Management System is a customize software developed to meet the requirements of school. This software reduces the paper work of school and helps different departments of school to co-ordinate properly and run day to day activities smoothly.

Panomtech Human Resource Management System is a customize software which is useful for all organization to manage their Human Recourses. This software helps the organization to keep all kinds of records systematically, Compensation and benefits of employees, Leave Records, Performance Appraisals etc.

Retail Management System is developed for small, medium and large retail store which helps the store in managing sale, purchase, stock etc. The software is user friendly and it is easy to implement. Panomtech retail Software is the industry's finest tools for managing your retail store.

Panomtech Medical Management System is complete software for medical stores. A handy tool, user-friendly system that makes the drug Information, sales and transactions. It gives expiry alerts and reorder alerts in advance.