Panomtech Agro Pvt.Ltd.

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Panomtech Agro Pvt. Ltd. To carry on the business as manufactures of Whole wheat Flour(atta),fresh chakki atta, importers, exporters, wholesalers, retailers and dealers in all types of agri-inputs ,rice processing,all types of herbal extract, kattha, Kath and cutch, catechu, catechins, black catechu, vegetable tanninc, khair (acacia catechu) kattha, pan pest, pan masala; and to manufacture cashew husk, cashew husk extract, cashew nut shell; and to carry on the oil extraction process, cashew nut shell liquid extraction process, fruits processing, Curcumin Process; and to act as turmeric powder manufacturers, turmeric process manufacturers, curcumin manufacturers veterinary and livestock feeds and feed supplements, fish feeds and its supplements; and to buy import, export, green houses, minerals, mineral water processing, biomass, bio-products, sell and generally deal in all plant and machinery, implements, accessories, tools, goods or things and all types of modern agricultural implements, veterinary, livestock and poultry equipment’s and also to carry on the business of poultry, farming, agricultural farming, fish rearing and allied activities.

To carry on the business of all kinds of farming including contract farming and board farming, horticulture, sericulture, pisiculture, dairy, gardening and of raising, breeding, improving, developing, buying, selling, producing, preserving and dealing in all kinds of product of such business and in particular, Pan pest, Katha, catechu manufacture, food grains seeds pure bred and inbred game, meat cattle and other live and dead stock eggs, sausages, preserved meat, trees, plants, plants fruits, flowers and vegetable milk and milk products and to establish experimental farms and research stations anywhere in India for conducting experiments test and research for developing better qualities of seeds, food grains and agricultural products and for developing milk strain in cattles by cross breeding or otherwise and increasing egg laying capacity in poultry and also for finding other ways and means of improving other agricultural crops produce, waste management, seeds, fodder, crops and cattle feed of all kinds.

To enter into any arrangements with any Government or any other authority, municipal, local or otherwise or any person or firm or any company that seem beneficial to the Company’s objects and to apply for, promote and obtain any act of privilege, concessions, license, or authorization of the Government or any other authority, local or otherwise, for enabling the company to carry any of its objects into effect, or for extending any of the powers of the Company, and to carry out, exercise and comply with any such Act privilege, concessions, license or authorization.

Sound infrastructure and rich resource capabilities allow us to successfully design and deliver projects. Our senior leadership team has established and maintains a strong ethical climate.

Our board is comprised of prominent industry executives who apply their many years of business success and offer strategic insights that help us continuously strengthen our business—and that of our clients.

As we have grown, we understand the importance of giving back to society, which is a core element of our corporate values.

Our customers are the reason for our existence. We anticipate their needs and endeavor to meet and surpass their expectations. We strive to attain individual and team excellence through a spirit of continuous learning, new ideals and a commitment to high levels of achievement.