Logins Provided to:-
A. Admin – Central Console License(University Level/ College Level)
B. Sub – Admin ( At Each University Level /College Level)
C. Operator (Users created by Admin/Sub-Admin )
  1. Student
  2. Staff
  3. Parents
Sr. No. Perticulars Description Total Numbers
1 Admin Central Console License-
University Level / College Level
2 Sub Admin University Level /College Level Default
3 Student As per Enrollment At Actual
4 Staff As per Enrollment At Actual
5 Parents As per Enrollment At Actual
6 Academic Classes Schooling, HSC, Degree, Post Graduate
Certification programs, doctoral programs
At Actual

# Accounting as Per the Universities Account Code
# Modules as Per National Board of Accreditation-Self-Assessment Reports
# Attendance Module Integration with Biometric Time & Attendance System

# Panomtech Edudron Academic Platform
Modules Covered:-
  1. HR
  2. Admin
  3. Admission
  4. Documents
  5. Fees / Scholarship Details
  6. Time Table/ Scheduling
  7. Attendance
  8. Examination / Results
  9. Calendar/ News And Notices / Events
  10. Training and Placement
  11. Alumni

# Panomtech Edudron Store Processing Plateform
Delivery Challan Complaint OCItems Detail Report Approve Quotation
GRN Entry Purchase Order Required OC Items Complaint
Material Issue Note Purchase Order List Report Tax Invoice Customer Enquiry
Opening Stock Show PO Tax Invoice Report Enquiry Report
Packing Slip Show SupplierQuotation Show Customers PaiedPayments Feedback
Delivery Chalan Report Supplier Feedback Show Invoice OC Confiremation Search
GRN List Report Supplier Registration Oc Report List
MaterialIssue List Report Supplier Search Order Confirmation
PackingSlip Report Supplier Suggestions PO Search
Report Stock SupplierList Report Quotation
Show DeliveryChallan Show Supplier PaidPayments Quotation Report List
Show GRN Show SupplierPayment Suggestion
Show Items Supplier Payments Customer PaymentAlert
Show Material Issue Order Acceptance
Show Packing Slip Order Acceptance List Report
Stock Availability
Cheque Detail
Expense subead
Expense Voucher
Requirement Form
Issue Note
Purchare Order
Payment Inward
Payment Outward
Inward Outward Record

# Additional Platforms
  1. Online Pre-Admission Process
  2. Payroll
  3. Library Module
  4. Hostel Management
  5. Transportation
  6. Canteen Management
  7. Health Care

"Educational Web-Based ERP" is a specialized Web - Based ERP solution for Educational Institutions resulting in better management and enabling institutions with better decision making capabilities. With excellent domain and technical expertise, Educational Web-Based ERP has been developed by working closely with premium institutions and domain experts in the education sector, keeping in mind the prerequisites of an educational institution. Educational Web-Based ERP is our ingenious effort to streamline your Institution’s process starting from admissions management to placement cell management; we have a solution for all your challenges. A range of modules of our ERP would facilitate you to manage your institution successfully. Educational Web-Based ERP helps in controlling the working and functionality of your institution. It also strengthens the bond between students, teachers, parents, management and the administration staff of your institution. The open ended and scalable architecture enables our ERP to be customized according to your unique requirements. Concisely, Educational Web-Based ERP is a comprehensive and an extremely welcoming solution with most user friendly user interfaces.

Why an ERP for Educational Institutions:

Need for ERP:
Education in today’s world has become highly competitive and so the institutions have also become highly interactive and student oriented. So in order to be different and ready for action the institutions need a central resource planning that can manage the entire information and operations of the institutions.

The basic challenges:
The basic challenge of an institution is to centralize, track, and resolve student issues, manage the various operations and information in a flawless manner and deliver quality result oriented education. On a day to day basis, following are the basic problems faced by the institution:

  1. Operation is centered in administrative offices
  2. Procedures are heavily bureaucratic
  3. Information is out of date
  4. Information is inconsistent and replicated
  5. Functionality is scattered through organizational units