Hospital Web Based ERP

Hospital Web Based ERP
Logins Provided to:-
A. Admin – Central Console License(Hospital Level)
B. Sub – Admin ( At Each Hospital Level)
C. Operator (Users created by Admin/Sub-Admin )
  1. Doctors
  2. Patients
  3. Vendor/Suppliers
  4. Staff
Sr. No. Perticulars Description Total Numbers
1 Admin Central Console License-
Hospital Level
2 Sub Admin Hospital Level Default
3 Doctors As per Enrollment At Actual
4 Patients As per Enrollment At Actual
5 General/Suppliers As per Enrollment At Actual
6 Staff As per Enrollment At Actual

# Panomtech Hospital Web-Based ERP Platform
Modules Covered:-

    a) Patient details and registration (OPD and IPD): This module helps in registering information about patients and handling both IPD and OPD patient’s query. A unique ID is generated for each patient after registration. This helps in implementing customer relationship management and also maintains medical history of the patient.

    b) Consultant Management: Tracking of consultant share for OPD /Indoor procedures. Option for defining consultant shared based on procedures/department. Classifying visit of patient as new / old for that consultant

    c) Discharge Summary: The module helps in generating patient’s discharge summary, which includes patient’s health at the time of discharge, medical history, various diagnosis and drug prescriptions, history of present illness and course in hospital.

    d) Radiology Management Module: This module deals with X-ray, Ultra scan, CT scan, etc. Any new test group can be incorporated immediately. Electronic request comes to lab directly from consultant doctor / ward and the same can be viewed.

    e) Laboratory / Pathology Automation: The system keeps track of the laboratories in the hospital. The equipment purchasing, inventory and billing of the purchase will be maintained by the system. The system keeps track of the tests performed on different patients and its records will be maintained by the system

    f) Pharmaceuticals management: This module deals with all medical items. This module helps in maintaining Item Master Maintenance, Receipt of Drugs/consumables, issue handling of material return, generating retail bills, stock maintenance. It also helps in fulfilling the requirements of both IPD and OPD Pharmacy.

    g) Laboratory Information System: This module enables the maintenance of investigation requests by the patient and generation of test results for the various available services, such as clinical pathology, X-ray and ultrasound tests. Requests can be made from various points, including wards, billing, sample collection and the laboratory receiving point. The laboratory module is integrated with the in-patient/ outpatient registration, wards and billing modules.

    h) Dietary Module: This module deals with daily prescription of diet to the particular patient. Patient can be able to view complete diet prescribed in a selective time interval, say, 1 week, 1 month, etc.

    i) Machine / Equipment Maintenance: This module provides the facility to keep the inventory of all the equipment / instruments used which needs regular check-up and maintenance. Here, complete records of all AMCs can be maintained. This also keeps track of past services / maintenance done.

    j) Ward Management: The ward management module takes care of medical equipment, doctor visit, vitals recording, patient case sheet, diet ordering, blood requisition, transfer intimation and discharge intimation etc. It also deals with the maintenance of the wards, inter-

    k) Intensive Care Unit (ICU): This module caters to scheduling, maintaining ICU Record, drug orders, consultant details, specific blood requests etc.

    l) Emergency Management: The development of this module keeps in mind the criticality of this department. Every care has been taken to ensure that minimum of time is taken to register the patient, so as to reduce the tension of the already stressed out relatives. Neither any detailed contact information of the patient is required nor is any information about the payment type solicited.

    m) Operation theatre Management: OT module deals with operation theatre activities such as equipment used detail, resource ordering, drug order, gynecology detail recording, laboratory order and reports transfer requisition, patient monitoring, blood request, new born baby detail and details of delivery.

    n) Billing and payments: The billing module facilitates cashier and billing operations for different categories of patients and automatic posting of charges for different services such as lab tests, medicines supplied, consulting fees, food and beverage charges, etc. It enables credit party billing through integration with the financial accounting module.

    o) Doctor’s Module: This module helps the doctors to keep a track of the entire medical history of a particular patient. Details such as the medicines prescribed, general medical records, previous consultations are all available to the doctor.

    p) HR Management: Attendance Module Integration with Biometric Time & Attendance System. This module deals with resource allocation, pay calculations, printing of salary slips, salary certificates and PF statements, and enables a monthly analysis of these operations. The personnel module deals with the maintenance of employee bio-data and attendance/overtime details. It also generates reports on absenteeism, leave encashment, etc.

    q) Management reports, security: Various MIS Reports are generated on the above modules for the smooth functioning of the hospital management so that checks can be made on any irregularity done in the hospital.

# Panomtech Edudron Store Processing Plateform
Delivery Challan Complaint OCItems Detail Report Approve Quotation
GRN Entry Purchase Order Required OC Items Complaint
Material Issue Note Purchase Order List Report Tax Invoice Customer Enquiry
Opening Stock Show PO Tax Invoice Report Enquiry Report
Packing Slip Show SupplierQuotation Show Customers PaiedPayments Feedback
Delivery Chalan Report Supplier Feedback Show Invoice OC Confiremation Search
GRN List Report Supplier Registration Oc Report List
MaterialIssue List Report Supplier Search Order Confirmation
PackingSlip Report Supplier Suggestions PO Search
Report Stock SupplierList Report Quotation
Show DeliveryChallan Show Supplier PaidPayments Quotation Report List
Show GRN Show SupplierPayment Suggestion
Show Items Supplier Payments Customer PaymentAlert
Show Material Issue Order Acceptance
Show Packing Slip Order Acceptance List Report
Stock Availability
Cheque Detail
Expense subead
Expense Voucher
Requirement Form
Issue Note
Purchare Order
Payment Inward
Payment Outward
Inward Outward Record

# Additional Platforms
  1. Payroll
  2. Library Module
  3. Hostel Management
  4. Transportation
  5. Canteen Management
  6. Health Care