Panomtech Foundation

Panomtech Group of companies- Panomtech Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., Panomtech Agro Pvt. Ltd., Panomtech Media Pvt. Ltd., Panomtech Textiles Pvt. Ltd., Panomtech Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Panomtech Hospital & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd., Panomtech Hotels Pvt. Ltd., Panomtech Process Systems Pvt. Ltd., Panomtech Energy Pvt. Ltd., Panomtech Research & Development Pvt. Ltd., Panomtech Foundation.

Panomtech Foundation To carry on the activities for non‐profit making motives in the field of social welfare and upliftment of the society at large through providing free education, free food, free health care, social welfare schemes through its education centres and facilities, health care centres and facilities, food centres and facilities, Research Centre, embodying literary, scientific, technical, medical, agriculture, commercial and industrial training, nursing centres, residential Ashram centres, management courses and educational Institutions for imparting education.

In the field of academic, technical, Engineering, vocational, sports, professional, social, educational and upliftment activities, and to formulate programmes for rural and social uplifting And empowerment programme schemes and session, recognize, distribute awards and recognitions to individuals / Institutions and others for significant and outstanding contribution's under any field of human and social welfare, community services, areas of research and public impact and further to establish training centers for deaf and dump, Physically and mentally challenged people, person and child as well as minority institutes and to run and maintain and advice, promote, develop the same.

And to involve in the activities of advancement, creation, communication and application of the knowledge to benefit society and improve people's lives in general including uplifting the cause of the down trodden, backward and neglected segments of the society and to undertake the activities to develop, conduct, manage, organize and supervise training programmes, counselling sessions and workshops for schools, colleges, Corporate, NGOs and other organizations for promotion of social and economic development of the people at large in India and abroad, with requisite approvals, registrations and permission, as applicable from time to time for all such activities on non‐profit making basis, Rural development, urban renewal, research and development for social benefit, activity and programme related to art culture and heritage conservation, accommodation, garments.