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E-learning Tools

Many professors are now offering their classroom lectures as podcasts. Think of e-learning and you probably envision students using computers to take online classes. Let's see how these forms of e-learning technology are being used.

Net generation students are well versed in technology, often arriving on campus adept at communicating by text message, e-mail and message board and armed with laptops, MP3 players, smartphones and PDAs. Many have years of experience with online social networks, blogging and downloading music and video.

Download podcasts of course lectures and professors' audio study notes to their PDAs, smartphones or MP3 players to review wherever and whenever they have time.
• Check and copy information from the professor's daily or weekly blog, including the course syllabus, assignment changes, study notes and other important information.
E-mail or text message study partners to set up study sessions and get answers to each other's questions about the material they're studying.
Send instant messages to professors with quick questions or to set up a time to talk more extensively by phone.
Log in to an online forum or visit a private chat room to discuss the topics being studied with the professor and other students in the class.
Take notes, photos or video with an iPod or smartphone during lab experiments or in the field to use later as part of papers, presentations or test preparation.
Bring work home from campus, share information for a collaborative project or submit a project to a professor with a USB flash drive.
Buy and use educational software available for PDAs to review the subject they're studying.

Students are well versed in the mobile technology that has become part of e-learning, while professors know the subject matter well but are less experienced with new technology. This type of learning is particularly successful for higher studies or corporations.