1. Entire Assembly Database to be digitized.
  2. Birthdays of individuals (all residents) to pop up.
  3. New Addition of details of newborns to be made possible.
  4. Details of each citizen to be incorporated (contact details to be included).
  5. Vehicle details to be incorporated.
  6. Area wise bifurcation required
    (Assembly – Resident Society / Apartment /House wise).
  7. Selection a specific area for extracting details to be made possible.
  8. Linkage with Ward Office in the Assembly for birth & death details.
  9. Complaint Register for Voters / Residents.
  10. Status of UID with details.
  11. School details of children.
  12. Work Details of Citizens (Business / Service).
  13. Weekly update/refresh – pop up.
  14. Details of Public Representatives in the Area.
  15. Details of Corporation Officials in the Area.
  16. Details of Police Officials in the Area.
  17. Details of Hospitals officials in the Area.
  18. Details of Banks officials in the Area
  19. Details of Petrol Pumps officials in the Area.
  20. Details of Fire Stations officials in the Area.
  21. Details of Entertainment Halls officials in the Area.
  22. Details of School / College Officials in the Area.
  23. Details of Party Office in the Area.
  24. Details of Revenue Department Officials in the Area.
  25. Details of MSEB Officials in the Area.
  26. Details of Mandirs / Masjids / Churches in the Area.
  27. Details of Garbage collection points in the Area.
  28. List of Graduates in the Area.
  29. List of Ration Shops in the Area.
  30. List of Hotels / Restaurants / Eateries in the Area.
  31. Details of Slums (If any) in the Area.
  32. Map of Each (Specified) sector (Sector parameters can be keyed in) –
    possibly CAD/CAM.
  33. Media – Print / Electronic offices in the Area.
  34. List of Printing Press.
  35. List of Automobile Dealers in the Area.
  36. List of Advocates in the Area.
  37. List of Architects in the Area.
  38. List of Doctors in the Area.
  39. List of Sports Clubs / Academies in the Area.
  40. List of Public Transport Vehicles in the Area.
  41. SMS Service incorporated.
  42. Email Service incorporate stride.