Graphics Design

Does your marketing material attract a new business? Does it make a powerful impact on potential customers? Panomtech Technologies graphic design services team can make sure that they send the right message.

We offer online graphics and multimedia services, creating the tools that you need to achieve your interactive marketing objectives.

Our Graphics Design team ensures a mix of creativity, service and strategic thinking. In terms of specific skills and capabilities, the Graphic Design Team works on the latest applications and are available with the design tools needed for creating great designs.

Logo Design
A Logo is Identity of your Organisation that introduces you to the world. It is the primary thing that anyone focuses before making business relation with you. A good logo design would make your first Impression and trust from customers.

As it is a very important thing, it should be impressive. Considering this factor our goal is to collect human cognition visual processing channel for gathering new information and creating a well formatted Logo. We are sure you have seen it a thousand times, we certainly have. A brilliant website coupled with a logo that looks out of place and amateur, bringing all that great web design work tumbling down. Your logo needs to work in tandem with your website; the two should be complimenting each other. The logo needs to seamlessly integrate into the page and be part of the overall uniform.

Logos Speak Louder Than Words:
A logo personifies a business and speaks volumes about a company without having to say a word. Your logo needs to describe your business. It should tell the viewer who you are and what you represent. Shapes, colors, fonts and shading are all aspects of a logo design that create huge impact on the viewer. A logo can quite literally turn a potential customer away if the logo language does not impact correctly. At last company logo is like a compressed story of your Business.

Banner Design
For advertising on the Internet Flash banner plays vital role and main aim is to attract traffic to a website by linking them to the web site of the advertiser. The advertisement is constructed from the multimedia object.
Flash banners created by us function the same way for notifying consumers of the product or service and presenting reasons why the consumer should choose the product.

Corporate Identity Design
The corporate identity plays key role in business communication. We design your corporate identity kits which make your image and leave your impression wherever you use the identity marks for your business. Your company's corporate identity can be formed by many of the pieces that form a communicational style: logo, letterhead, business cards, folder, inserts, envelope, etc. We also design a lot of other things that create your own identity. Some of these commonly used objects are cd covers, stickers’ desktop items, brochures, flyers, magazine ads, inserts, forms, invoices, vouchers, cd labels, flags, posters and many other identity and promotional items.